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Niall Ferguson, “I was wrong on Brexit”.

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Brexit - Sticky.

Damn it, scrap Brexit we forgot about Carlingford Lough.

Party Before Country.

It’s like a warzone:
Trump on London’s Knife Crime.

The coming Destruction of the EU.

The Remainers Bitter Pill.

Forgetting the lessons of the past.

The French Election.

Trump ‘gets it’.

What Price Democracy?


The Remainers answer to mass immigration.

The Beast is Back!

The Guardian sinks to a New low.

Blinding Double Standards.

The attempted annexation by mass immigration of our Capital.

We’ve got one who can see!

Brexit to Segregate the UK, really?

The Betrayal of Brexit.

The Betrayal of Brexit.

Ignoring the Obvious.

Thieves and liars.

Traitors of Democracy.

The EU’s Love of Money

A Hard Brexit?

Our Trump Card.

Blair’s ‘Moving House’ Analogy.

An Anger Justified?

Nimrod Rising.

The Fix is in.

The Spiders Web.

The Disconnect.

You can not serve two masters.

Theresa May: The Leaked Tape!

CETA: A trade deal or an opportunity for the EU to forward a political agenda.

Is this really the level of debate?

High Court to hear challenge to Article 50 strategy.

A Dangerous Assumption.

Economic Terrorism.

EU orders British press NOT to reveal when terrorists are Muslims.

The Archbishop of York on the Jungle at Calais.

Destroying the Union.

Jeremy Corbyn and mass immigration.

Brexit will boost Britain.

TTIP and Mass Immigration.

An EU Military

The Most Honourable Karlos Munfordus!

Who is really responsible for Brexit?

Hungary taunts Merkel over terror.

The EU begins to fall before Monsanto.

The Leper Colony that refuses to be healed.

Brexit matters.

A Fire Already Kindled.

Brexit means Brexit but...

Brexit, are you’re the best thing that ever happened to me?


When ‘Brexit’ really means ‘Remain’.

Farage bows out.

The Blair Effect.

Brexit in trouble!

Devolution: Divide and conquer.

Still Doubting Brexit?

The Free Movement of People.

EU Army revealed post-Brexit.

The Media’s use of the Race Card exposed!

The Brexit Backlash.

Pen or Pencil?

Are we about to see the UK file for Divorce?

Brexit and India.


The Cost of Moving in and out of Babel.

God or Mammon?

Brexit murderer?

Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU.

I’m as Mad as Hell.

BREXIT - Now The End of Western Civilisation.

The Interviewer and the Interviewee.

BREXIT could break-up EU.

The risk of ‘Remaining’.


Turkey’s soon access to the Schengen Area.

Sick and tired of people like me!

Tony Gosling at Bilderberg.

Britain stronger in Europe?

Video: The Truth About #BREXIT

Cameron’s perfect Oxymoron:
Controlling the free movement of people.

Why Brexit Must Happen:
Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux.

A Coming Racism Fuelled by Net Migration.

What a Post-Brexit UK will look like.

#Brexit: #ProjectFear is Ridiculous


Asset Strippers.

The Lovelies, those Favoured Few

Since when did ‘Diversity’ only mean race?

Our Financial and National Security.

Brexit the Movie.

Define Patriotic.

The Bad Shepherds.

EU Enforcers.

Damning government report on TTIP.

A Special Relationship.

Here comes Mongo!

More lies.

Annexation by Mass Immigration.

Babylon Rising.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Safer in a ‘Reformed’ EU?

Brexit - Fear or Fact

Welcome to the Hotel California.

Lord Rose accused of Intellectual Dishonesty.

Playing the Race Card.

Its all vary Vague!.

Cameron’s big announcement.

The EU, an Islamic Turkey and what that means for the UK.

Define Patriotic Dave.

Remind me Jeremy, why are you going to vote ‘remain?’

Funny how attaining the position of leader of the Labour Party or better ‘The love of the position of leader of the Labour Party’ has persuaded Mr Corbyn that he can now change the EU from within knowing full well that if he has got it wrong, and we do remain that he has personally aided in the permanent destruction of our Parliamentary Democracy.

John 12:43
For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Boris exposes our leaders ‘contempt’ for the British public when making promises they know they can’t possibly keep while remaining a member of the European Union. And make no mistake this deception is for the purpose of integrating us ever further into a political union until we wake to discover one day, that we have been annexed by a foreign power with no way of redress.

Daniel 8:25
And through his [Antichrist] policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.