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I promised myself I would leave this issue alone once it was over but there are a few things I’d like to address plus I thought to make my old post available here for a little longer. Maybe I’ll give it until the end of July then pull Brexit off the site altogether.
- 21st February 2017

• Standing at the Station.
- 20th November 2016

What has just happened is that rather than the ‘chamberlain appeasers’ of yesteryear, though worried 17 million people have bitten the bullet and jumped off a train that everyone should now acknowledge is heading to Babylon, even that dictatorial superstate that means to rule over all people.

Even today with its flag, anthem, all-powerful court, a Parliament that feigns democracy to deceive and soon an EU army, this Union which never bolstering its temporal borders because it means to move them ever deeper into the Middle East and elsewhere... still refuses to declare its obvious intentions.

Those of us who voted to get off this train never brought us to this scary and isolated station but rather those who forced us onto it in the first place under the guise of taking us somewhere very different to where it is now heading. Who have since stopped their ears at our cries of alarm as we began to question the strange landscape passing us by and closed their eyes at the sight of our suffering as we journeyed to Babylon.

It is clear to me and should be to everyone else that... yes, an elitist few are forwarding an agenda that even today they refuse to share. If they had openly come to us and expounded the merits of their agenda, many might have been persuaded but rather they forged ahead using lies, fear and intrigue. For they have an agenda that aims to prise all peoples from the concept of nationhood, where a defined people [nothing to do with race] are linked to a clearly defined land, and the governing few are answerable to those people and to nobody else, but rather these elitist few wish us to be loyal to a concept or an ideal, a concept that will at some point be embodied in a man sitting upon his throne of power with great authority.

Revelation 13:2
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

So here we stand, alone and miles away from anywhere, cold and a little scared with the train pulling out of the station. Then what should we do, begin to fight among ourselves? For indeed there are already those who would have us to clamber back on board if it were at all possible... for at least then they say, ‘we might find a temporal refuge from the rain that is now beginning to strike our face’ not contemplating the end of the matter or why we disembarked in the first place.

Although the trek may be hard, lonely and unpleasant I believe we ought to pull together, press-on and not so much find ‘our way back home’ but having found a suitable location... build ourselves a better city built upon our original concepts of nationhood, but this time set in motion and into law the necessities that will ensure that we are never again forced to embark on another like foolish venture.

It alarms me that many of my countrymen and women whom seeing the beauty of the EU lion as it sleeps do not comprehend the nature of the beast, for when it is roused it will tear and consume any who dare to stand in its way, and in those days they will finally understand why having comprehended these things, wiser men than they sought to leave this political union while we still could. Why only today I saw on a friend’s TV when visiting, a young girl who was beside herself with anger because she would soon be inconvenienced with having to apply for a visa and show her passport... what price democracy!

• BREXIT, what other choice did they leave us?
- 23th June 2016

Juncker: Sorry I can’t hear you.

Why didn’t they listen to us, how long has the din been rising over the United Kingdom regarding the negative consequences of mass immigration within our society? But no... it is as Michael Portillo stated recently, “they were far too busy pressing ahead with their political project of creating a new superstate by annexation to care.” Overriding our appeals in their courts that trump our ‘supreme’ court, waving their flag and standing to attention at the sound of their anthem while all of the time looking to expand their porous borders deep into the Middle East and hard against Russia, even inviting the whole world into their project regardless of the will of the people, I guess the world looks very different from the top of an ivory tower doesn’t it Mr. Branson?

This need never of happened, but because Blair, Major, Cameron, Tusk and Juncker refused to listen what other choice did we have, change the EU from within? Don’t make me laugh.

Finally I can now turn my attention and meagre energy levels to more pressing issues, even to the study and expounding of God’s Word!
Regarding what happens next, I feel strongly that the United Kingdom is now being prepared for a season of chastisement, a chastisement that it must respond to if it is to prosper thereafter... but I thank God that we are out and free.

Driven by the spirit of Antichrist [Eph 2:2] an elite forge ahead with the construct of a New World Order to offer the Antichrist its throne at his appearing.