Carlingford Lough

Damn, scrap Brexit... we forgot about ‘Carlingford Lough’.

I tell you what, lets forget about the hundreds of thousands of refugees unskilled, often difficult to intergrate muslim economic migrants pouring into the UK each and every year to compete with British nationals [nothing to do with colour] for jobs, housing, healthcare and welfare etc... in fact lets give away a Parliamentary Democracy that by its very nature has prevented the rise of who knows how many tyrants over the years to bow before those unelected bureaucrats in Brussel whom we can by no means remove nor overturn any future oppressive polices they may choose to lay upon us. For surely that would be preferable to causing any temporal inconveniences over Carlingford Lough. What next, we mustn’t Brexit in case an Irish cow is distressed by accidentally straying into British territory? This is just getting stupid.

Brexit is about either forsaking or regaining our Democratic Process and all that pertains to it, nothing more or nothing less. May should have set about preparing for a ‘No Deal Brexit’ the day after the referendum and begun her negotiations with the unelected officials at the EU on that basis, maybe then the traitorous creature Blair wouldn’t have been emboldened to travel to the EU on numerous occasions to encourage them to hold out for a Second Referendum.

The Creature Blair.

Blair’s argument goes something like this...

Yes I undermined the referendum by encouraging the EU to hold out for a second referendum in an attempt to overthrow the result of the first... and now look at what a mess things are, therefore, I believe a Second Referendum is needed to clear things up!

He must still think we are as gullible as we were when he took us to war and set the Middle East on fire. The mans got no shame but rather has the forehead of a whore.

Was it an In Out Referendum?
- Article by Esculent

Indeed... ‘What price Freedom?’

On the one hand we have...
• Brexiteers who are willing to be inconvenience to regain our sovereign rights while on the other we have...
• Remainers who wish to give away everything that they are not inconvenienced in the slightest.

Granted, the temporal consequences of Leaving will likely be heightened now that Blair and the Remainers have done their work, but still, the long term consequences would be much worse if we were Remain.

The men who paid to protect our democracy from European despots.

Danger Will Robinson!

It appears to me that not wishing to be inconvenience by Brexit, many Remainers are choosing to be ‘willingly ignorant’ of history and the fallen state of man.

Jeremiah 17:9
The heart [of fallen man] is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Because scripture informs us that a tyrant [The Antichrist] is to rise out of a revised Roman Empire from which the European Union springs.

Juncker to propose merger of EU Commission and Council presidencies.
- Article by New Europe

‘One powerful president for WHOLE of EU’
- Article by The Express

Will Robinson seems to ‘get it’ but the Remainers certainly don’t.