Party Before Country.

Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour ‘would back members’ on new vote, says leadership.
- Article by the BBC.

He said he would be “bound” by the outcome of a vote at the Labour Party conference - although he would prefer to have a general election.
- Quote by Jeremy Corbyn in the above article.

Imagine my shock to discover that to promote his chances of getting into 10 Downing Street, Corbyn is willing to reject the result of the purest and biggest democratic vote this nation has ever undertaken, if his party ‘votes’ for him to do so.

Therefore we see the trait of his character, who willing to reject the democratic vote of a nation would honour that of the party who may move his desk that few more inches towards No 10.

The Remainer’s big argument is that we never knew it was going to be an ‘In-Out Referendum’, Really? I would beg to differ.

Cameron on his In-Out Referendum Promise.