Forgetting the lessons of the past.

Echoes from the past : Spanish police beat down Catalonia independence electorates.

EU Enforcers.

As with the old USSR, when the EU finally has its own loyal military and police-force embedded in each ‘member’ state, expect to see allot more of this sort of thing when the masses finally realise ‘too late’ just what they have given away in their complacency, even a democratic process passed on to them from their forefathers which they forced to bow before an unelected bureaucracy in Brussels.

An EU Military.

The sad thing is, that in their naivety the masses have accepted that Brussels needs to build an authoritative super structure to tackle things like ‘Muslim terrorism’, not realising that when a future despot takes-up that authoritative throne, and one certainly will, then they will have no democratic process to remove him being accountable to nobody and protected by law.

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it’s gone...
- Lyrics from - Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi.

EU Army revealed Post-Brexit.

Catalan referendum:
Region’s independence ‘in matter of days’

- Article by the BBC

Mr Puigdemont said there was currently no contact between the government in Madrid and his devolved administration.
He disagreed with the European Commission's statement on Monday that events in Catalonia were an internal issue for Spain.
- Quote from the above article.

Mark my words, that if Spain as a whole had opposed the EU you can be sure that Brussels would have stepped in and announced that the Spanish government was ‘behaving outrageously’, but as the Spanish government is basically ‘pro’ EU they remain silent that Catalonia may remain subject to them via Madrid-ian rule.
However, as with the Catalonian situation, ‘devolved governance’ always genders towards independence and is a tool the elite use against strong sovereign states that resist the globalists in the hope of breaking them apart, that weakened, each individual part might all the more easier be incorporated into the EU. But as we see with Catalonian, the EU remains silent in situations where devolved regions seek to break away from nations who are ‘Pro-EU’.

United we stand.
divided we fall.

My fear is that the Catalonia Independence vote will be used by the dark forces now currently perched in that unholy tower at Babel, to promote Scottish independence here within the United Kingdom, while remaining silent on the Catalonia issue in the hope that they remain under the yoke of the EU via Madrid. It saddens me that deceived by the fantasy of a brighter future outside the Union, naive Brits are seen to cast down The Jack to wave local nation flags as they weakened, unwittingly march towards the slavery of that unelected ‘government’ over the river.