Trump actually ‘Gets it’.

Trump, fulfilling the mandate given him.

Trump actually ‘Gets it’ who recognises that he was elected to protect and prosper the defined people [nothing to do with race or colour] living within clearly defined borders who issued him with that very mandate! Does that mean that everyone who agrees with Trump are xenophobes whose only wish is to round-up every foreign national and return them to their place of origin? Of course not, his own wife being a Slovenian yet illegals must be deported or else the very meaning of ‘citizenship’ is made null and void. For the responsibility of any elected government is to choose wisely who can and can not enter the nation dependant upon if the applicant fulfils the criteria of the mandate handed down to them by the very electorate who put them into power. In other words...

  • Does the applicant have they the necessary skills the nation needs at the time of application?
  • Can the applicant support themselves or is their intent to burden the system?
  • Are they willing, or even capable of integrating?
  • Do they have a criminal record?
  • Do they share our values?

Points that instantly dispel the lie that all foreign born doctors and nurses within the NHS will be sent home, as well as the myth that our vegetables will lay rotting in the fields because nobody will be available to pick them. For as with all sovereign nation states around the world, seasonal workers will be issued with temporal visas.

90% Muslim men posing as refugees.

Under the yoke of the EU we have found it almost impossible to implement the majority of those points because they have laid upon us rules and regulations designed to strip us of the ability to retain our National Sovereignty, that they might by craft demote us to a mere local county council of their much beloved concept of a European Superstate.

Sound familiar?

Currently, hamstrung by EU legislation we not only see fundamental Islamists pouring into the country with no intension of integrating but rather wishing to implement Shariah Law, but thirty year old men posing as children whom we can by no means age test least we offend their human rights! Saying nothing of the tens of thousands who having criminal records, no skills and ideologies contrary to our own shall not only be a burden to the nation but a danger to the very people the government was mandated to protect.