The Guardian sinks to a New low.

Mark Townsend.

While leftist groups such as ‘Unite Against Fascism’, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and others being often funded by the like of George Soros are beating up cops, burning cars in the streets, attacking free speech and promoting Islam the Guardian [of what?] sinks to its lowest ebb by basically stating that anyone else who has a differing view than their own is promoting Fake News. It truly is the worst kind of ‘False News’ I have come across and of course, the Guardian which will always encourage you to leave a comment regarding the colour of the Queen’s new hat, the latest plot on Eastenders or David Beckham’s marriage leaves absolutely no means of recourse having supplied no comments section beneath the article.

As mentioned before, since Brexit the Guardian is consistently publishing what can only be called ‘begging statements’ asking it’s readers for financial support. My prayer is that either having realised that they have backed the wrong horse they will begin to published more balanced articles which being unlikely, become financially insolvent.

Below you will find a link to the ‘article’ by Mark Townsend which being heavily politicalised seeks to align anyone who does not agree with their view of a borderless world with racists, conspiracy theorists and creators of ‘False News’. Although the truth is that it is the ‘Establishment’ who are the main creators of ‘False News’ today, who appear to be seeking to take control of all media platforms until only one picture is being painted, and that is one that forwards a globalist agenda.

How Britain’s extremist bloggers helped the ‘alt-right’ go global.
- Article by ‘The Guardian’

Another Guardian ‘Begging Banner’.