The attempted annexation by mass immigration of our Capital.

As many, I believe that among other ploys promoted by the EU and its third column over this side of the river is their intention to annex our nation city by city if necessary into the European Union by using the dark arts of ‘Devolved Government’ dressed-up as democracy while being aided by their nation destroying policy of uncontrolled ‘Mass Immigration’.

Because when you put the two together you have a very powerful weapon which prising away large parts of society shall create independent city states within which shall arise the spectre of ‘Shariah Law’, signalling the dissolution of the Union and our assimilation into the EU.

As a country we voted against the Tyranny of the European Union and voted out, however the remain supporters are trying to create civil unrest in the UK and by asking for London to be an independent state, shows the lack of understanding of why we... Read More