Brexit to Segregate the UK, really?

Maybe if he says it enough times the people will start to believe him? I mean, ‘validation by repetition’ seems to be all that they have left.
I clipped the video from the article below.

Tackling the Crisis: Ireland, Brexit and the Future of the European Union.
- Article by The Institute of International and European Affairs.

He states that “Brexit will be socially divisive”. Rather, unprecedented mass immigration has singlehandedly segregated the United Kingdom more than any other policy suffered before it.

Mass Immigration Segregating the UK

Likewise are many other societies being broken-up by this corrosive policy... for the love of God man open your eyes that you might see! A policy which has seen the poor thrown to the merciless lions of ‘Supply and Demand’ that decimated, they are thereafter brought into servitude to giant corporations which they favour.

Oh how different the world looks from the top of an ivory tower, where dizzy on champagne they make their plans over heavily ladened dinner tables against we black, brown and white British nationals.

Oh yes, and you can put back that Race Card back into your ever so ‘Politically Correct Pocket’ for as Brexit, I stand for ‘British Citizenship’ which has nothing at all to do with race but rather with a clearly defined people living within clearly defined borders. A people who can kick out any government who forgets just who it is they serve, being answerable to us and not a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels who being above the law, we can by no means remove.