Ignoring the Obvious.

If austerity is over, why can’t Britain afford proper social care?
- Article by John Harris of the Guardian.

John Harris

I just had to post the comment below knowing that the Guardian [of what?] will never publish it. It just infuriates me when they print articles asking such idiotic questions while ignoring the fact that with those migrating into the UK climbing to well over six hundred thousand, we are left with an increase of over three hundred and fifty thousand each and every year when deducting those emigrating.

My Comment.

How can an infrastructure, any infrastructure for that matter having been built and paid for to serve a set amount of we black, brown and white British Citizens... cope when another three hundred and fifty thousand plus who have never paid into it, are dumped onto it each and every year?

Oh, but of course we are not supposed to point that out are we, some even daring to suggest that it is racist [Diane Abbott comes to mind] to do so, even though the vast majority entering are white Eastern Europeans.

How can a ‘journalist’ such as John Harris ask such a stupid question without addressing this blazingly obvious? it beggars belief. Come on Guardian, stop pushing a leftist agenda to the point of gibbering madness and start publishing some good quality, unbiased and informative articles for a change!