Thieves and liars.

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Germany’s Gauck urges pause in EU integration – to avoid a European Donald Trump.
- Article by RT.

German President Joachim Gauck has urged for a “pause” in EU integration to allow all members to discuss “what they want to achieve at what pace,” lest people forget the dangers of populism and why Donald Trump won the US presidency.

The 78-year-old federal president praised the European Union’s ethos in an interview to Welt am Sonntag, calling it a “great concept” and “a peace project that generations of us had not dared to dream.” He argued, however, that an increase in globalisation does not work for everyone at the same pace.

While achieving a closer union, Gauck said, “we were sometimes so fast that not all citizens could or would want to come with us. That makes me worry.”

Gauck stressed that such feelings of discontent are what led to Donald Trump’s victory in the United States.
- Quote from the above article.

So Gauck and others had planned to force globalisation upon us from the start, but when did they campaign on that policy? and when did the German people, or for that matter any of the people of Europe give them a mandate to promote the end of sovereign nation states?
Never I say but as Blair, Cameron, Clegg and Major here in the UK they no doubt decided this on our behalf in secret over the dinner table, while dizzy on champaign and their perceived power. May God rebuke them openly for that which they thought to do in secret, and their hatred for the people they despise fall upon their own heads.

Proverbs 26:26
Whose hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness shall be shewed before the whole congregation.

Below is a brilliant comment left by an anonymous commenter on RT, which compelled me to upload this page in the first place.

The EU as a dictatorial Globalist tool is finished. Live with that. People have never been as sober as they are today. They have lived in this nightmare long enough, to know that the EU is not for them at all. This is not about populism! This is about genuine freedom, borders, culture, core family values and history. This is about saving something for future generations to come.

This movement from corporate, banking and extremist liberalism and globalism can’t be forgotten just because the EU sit down and try new strategies how to continue this nightmare they constructed and hope that it will just fly past them. This is about true democracy, peoples values, and people that been pushed to the brink of what they can take.

Joachim Gauck - President of Germany

This is about the corporate mainstream media, the real fake news, this is about the war drums that been hammered for well over 25 years. People are fed up not being able to ever have a decent living standard, thanks to this EU dictatorship.

People have dreams in Europe as well, this is about killing the global trade deals that strips EU citizens from the jobs that should been theirs. EU need to take this in, and if they had any honor in them. They should put this nightmare down the dream sack were they pulled it from, and listen to their citizens or face the music of total and complete destruction.

Why these pretenders at democracy believe that they can implement policies that they not only didn’t campaign on but we never asked for, which have long reaching consequences such as undermining the very foundations of our democracy would be beyond me if I hadn’t known before hand the agenda of the spirit that drives them. Even the spirit of antichrist that must move man to construct an authoritative New World Order before and not after the appearance of the Antichrist, that when taking up [as it where] his throne he might move men to instigate his penultimate survival plan.