Traitors of democracy.

Bid to challenge Brexit gathers pace among pro-remain politicians.
- Article by The Guardian. [of lies]

MPs from across parties in discussions about forcing government’s hand on Brexit plans and ensuring single market access...
- Quote from the above article.

Let me make this perfectly clear,
If we stay in the single market we’ll get Brexit in name only, overturning the will of all those seventeen million people who voted to leave the European Union which is not only undemocratic but near treasonous. And yes, we knew that Brexit meant leaving the single market under current conditions, that if thereafter they wished to add tariffs as they do to some accessing it from outside that we might respond in like manner.

Because if we gain access to the single market under current conditions, it means that we will not only be bound to their rules of commerce that gives them tremendous authority over us but to their policy of the Free Movement of People which had London vote overwhelmingly to Remain now being 45% first generation immigrant... which essential if they are to succeed in destroying all notions of national pride, coherence and belonging as they assimilate us into the Borg.

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But don’t mention the fact that numerous other nations have access to the Single Market without having to suffer their ‘localised’ policy of the Free Movement of people as they continue to construct their European Superstate. For they have set their hearts on assimilating the UK into the Borg where after relegated to a mere local county council of the greater EU our democracy is reduced to being allowing us to choose on what day our bins are emptied.

The EU should be sued for not warning every nation that thought to join a Common Market Place that once they had signed-up, they could never leave but rather allow their nation to be demoted into a mere local county council of a new Superstate called Babel, with its own Parliament, Court, Central Bank, Flag, Anthem, Military and gods.

Oh EU, here be thy gods... Europa and Baal,
The Whore who shall ride the Beast until the set time.

Exodus 32:4
And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

The District Council of the United Kingdom.

I guess as the Guardian [of what?] refuses to post the vast majority of my comments which do not celebrate the overthrow of our democracy, I'll have to resign myself to posting this on my little site as usual.