Blair’s ‘Moving House’ Analogy.

The EU’s Shill Matt Kelly defends Tony Blair’s ‘Moving House’ analogy.

Ok, this is a bit of a rant but I just had to blow off some steam when I heard Matt Kelly defending Tony Blair regarding his views on Brexit during an interview with George Galloway.

For years now they have signed away our powers to the European Union without so much as consulting Parliament, and certainly not the people. But when they finally gave us the option of regaining our sovereign rights and we took it, they not only chose to defy our will but wish to return the decision to a predominately PRO-REMAIN Parliament which voted six to one to give us the referendum in the first place... and now they have the front to state that our anger is unjustified!

The pretender who would be King given the chance.

We’ve been told to ‘shut-up and accept it’ for over thirty years now, but now it is their turn to shut up and do just that. All of this rubbish about ‘buying a house and then discovering that it isn’t what we had thought it was,’ well let’s do that then shall we?
We were told that we were entering a COMMON MARKET back in the 1970s only to learn that they had planned to turn it into a European Superstate from the very beginning, and we want out. Or does Blair’s analogy only stand when pursuing his globalist agenda?

Annexation by mass immigration.
London, which voted overwhelmingly to remain within the European Union is today 45% first generation immigrant. Those two facts alone being directly associated with the EU’s policy of the Free Movement of People should inform the reader how corrosive this policy is towards sovereignty. And we want out of this dictatorial bureaucracy before the whole nation has lost its soul and we black, brown and white British citizens have our Parliamentary Democracy reduced to being allowed to choose on what day our bins are emptied. Then being answerable to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels that we never voted in and can by no means remove from power.

Tony Blair - The man who destroyed his own people.

Democracy requires that you can not only identify a people [nothing to do with race] but the borders wherein they live, who then vote in an administration to look out for the very people who gave them that mandate in the first place. Without these basic tenets democracy can not exist, as we see today when anyone from anywhere around the world can become a British Citizen if they can but place one foot on British soil, this is lawlessness and will result in chaos especially when you also have entering your borders the Political Religious System' of Islam that means to rule and reign over all.