Europe’s politicians appear to live in a bubble.

The Disconnect.

It is terrifying to see the total disconnect between our politicians and the reality of those they feign to represent. The guy must have lived in a bubble for the last fifteen years or so if he thinks prosperity would annul the problems we are seeing today with the likes of that political-religious system of Islam for instance, that means to rule and reign over all others.

It appears to me that he utter fails to understand the democratic process which had served us so well, where a clearly defined citizenship [nothing to do with Race] once voted into power and gave our leaders a mandate to look out for our affairs and not lavish our wealth, infrastructure and citizenship rights upon anyone who manages by whatever means to step onto our soil. Who if they so wished, should have rather earned the right of citizenship.

But rather, dished out like candy and having been empowered to do so by strange new laws such as political correctness and equality [so called] ... citizenship has been made near a laughing-stock when protecting the feelings of the few allows them to offend the many.

I remember when true refugees once consisted of men, women and children who gladly kissed the tarmac of the host nation that had offered them refugee status thereafter to integrate into our society. But today, run straight to the nearest government agency to demand this or that as their absolute right.

Our politicians can not see anything wrong with a male only definition of the word ‘refugee,’ having been blinded by ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Equality’ [so called].

As readers of my site know very well, it is my opinion that what we are seeing today is not by accident but rather has been planned by those who wish to bring-forth a chaos in which they will have generated the necessary fear to allow them to offer and have accepted their long planned solution of a new World Order.

There is very little integration today because of the SHEER SCALE of immigration. Rather what we are seeing is the annexation by mass immigration of numerous areas of Europe leading to the balkanisation of nations states, that will in the fullness of time allow each to be incorporated into the Borg [The EU].
- Comment by Esculent.