CETA: A trade deal or an opportunity for the EU to forward a political agenda.

If the EU had stuck to a trade deal and not pushed a political agenda,
they might have pulled it off.

And it is not only Canada they are not able to make a trade deal with but India too. The problem is that the EU consists of numerous sovereign nation states, each answerable to their own people and each still under the illusion that the EU is democratic, it isn’t.

The EU’s only answer to this problem is to take away the sovereignty of each nation state by reducing them to mere local county councils of a new greater nation state called ‘The European Union’.

To deny this truth is to be intellectually dishonest, and is why they have moved us by craft from a Common Market to which we agreed, to standing to attention to their anthem and flag while creating their own currency, central bank, a supreme court that overrides all others courts and are currently forming their own military.

Their declaration of ‘ever closer union’ says it all, but few understood back then that what that meant was that in the fulness of time their nation would be reduced to a local county council of the greater where local democracy had been reduced to being allowed to choose on what day your bins were emptied.