Is this really the level of debate?

Feelings made to justify folly.

As Christians we are to walk by faith trusting that God will accomplish all that He has promised us in his Word [not our imaginations] if we faint not. And because of this we having set our chins as flint, know that feelings shall certainly fall inline with our faith in the process of time if we persevere.

Habukkuk 2:4
The Just shall live by their faith.

This is not so with the world where feelings are empowered to make a mockery of sin as our values are driven wheresoever the wind blows, thus marriages which were the cornerstone of the child’s confidence are left at the whim of unstable feelings, rather than the vow they took before Him who changes not.

Malachi 3:6
For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

The madness of the ‘Looby EU’...
Here we go ‘Looby Lie’.

And so it is that we have this polish lady who driven by her feelings would have us give away a precious sovereignty as well as to continue to suffer the lawless outrages of uncontrolled mass immigration without end just so that we do not hurt her feelings! Who blinded by this new age ideology of ‘political correctness’ and ‘equality’ so called emanating out of Brussels dares to go so far as to state that she is being persecuted because she.... yes wait for it.... ‘feels’ that she is not welcome by 52% of the voters! We might as well all put party hats on and sit around a table blowing trumpets, for indeed unless a man masters his feelings he is in danger of being driven into the rocks of madness.

Europa riding Zeus or...
The Whore riding the Beast - Rev 17:1-6

My point is to expose how logic, law and justice have been made to bow before unstable feelings having been empowered by the aforementioned ‘political correctness’ and ‘equality’ so called. It is my sincere belief that those doctrines have been sown into this nation by that spirit emanating from Brussels, even that creeping vine now seen spreading across Europe like a rash. I call it ‘The Spirit of Europa’ but as I have been recently informed, it goes by many other names.

Feelings state that this man boy is a fourteen year old refugee.

And of course having been blinded by feelings the Polish lady’s accusation that we voted against the Poles has absolutely no foundation in reality, but rather as even the ‘Remainers’ would admit if they dared to stop playing their Race Card for just a moment... that rather than being racist as they falsely claim we voted for Brexit on the basis of returning to the levels of an migration policy we once enjoyed, as well as our regaining our beloved sovereignty.

It is my earnest prayer that having cut-off it’s tentacles of that creeping vine, that they will begin to rot, wither and die until it’s influence has been completely rooted out of our land. And when I say ‘our land’ Mrs Dianne Abbott MP, I mean we black, brown and white British nationals!

From Calais to chaos: UK’s immigration deception exposed.
- Article by RT.com

Clearly, the fix is in: European countries are to be mixed and mashed out of all recognition by importing a wave of people from the third world. This has been decided at the highest levels, and you have no choice in the matter. None.
- Quote from the above article.

Another all-male coach-load of ‘child’ migrants arrives in Britain.
- Article by The Mail Online.