A Dangerous Assumption.

Osbourne’s Project Fear Discredited.

As one who is firmly for Brexit, I still believe that the issues surrounding the run-up to the referendum exposed terrible short-fallings regarding both our leadership and news media, to say nothing of their character. I do hope we can learn from it, but we are where we are and unless Brexit resolves the two main reasons which forced the Referendum in the first place, that being regaining our sovereignty and uncontrolled mass immigration this issue will destroy us therefore we must resolve those two issues and move on.

Unfortunately, there are those out there who actually believe that they can roll-back Brexit after which everyone will simply sit back in their armchairs and accept it. That is an extremely dangerous assumption to make for if people were enraged by the continuous transfer of power to Brussels as well as the 300’000 plus economic migrants pouring into the United Kingdom before the referendum, how much more if they should suffer the same after in the years to come?

Going back is not an option, and if by trick or craft they attempt to roll us back under some clever guise of moving forward... people just aren't going to put up with it, in fact, I would say they will be made all the more furious.

Brexit, what other choice did they give us?
- Article by Esculent - 23th June 2016.

People can blame Brexiteers for any hardship that is coming all they want, but ask yourself, what other choice did both the EU and our leaders leave us but either to rise up or force a Brexit? Thankfully we were offered the latter.