Economic Terrorism.

Francois Hollande follows Angela Merkel’s lead and warns Britain ‘must be made to pay’ for leaving the EU to scare other nations into staying.
- Article by The Mail Online.

What kind of Union feigns democracy but then uses economic threats and financial ruin to force other nations to remain in their dictatorial bureaucracy? I say those who would also use lawless and covert means to do the same, or is it just a coincidence that at the very same time they make their threats Sterling takes a dive which baffles the experts?


Bank of England investigating dramatic overnight fall in pound.
- Article by The Guardian.

And there is more, for God forbid they should have to roll-back their policy of The Free Movement of People that has served them so well in shattering national identity, that struggling nation states should thereafter be integrated further into the Borg all the more faster.

He echoed the sentiments of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who yesterday said that Britain could not be given access to the European Union’s internal market if it limits immigration, as it would lead to a free-for-all in Europe.
- Quote from the Mail Online article.

NOoooo... Please not again!

Tony Blair hints at return to UK politics.

But by far the worst news I heard today was that Tony Blair might be returning to British Politics. God help us, I mean hasn’t he caused us enough misery and suffering with his wars and open door policy? Personally, and I know many would agree, I believe he has his eyes on becoming a permanent President of the European Union.