The Archbishop of York on the Jungle at Calais.

At last! A bishop who talks sense on migrants:
- Article by the Mail online.

Dr Sentamu said the Jungle camp only exists because of the passport-free Schengen zone, which allows refugees rom the Middle East and Africa to make their way to the shores of the English Channel.

He also warned it was impossible to know whether or not some of the migrants are members of Islamic State.
- Quote from the above article.

Dr John Sentamu.

He’s right you know, the situation at Calais wasn’t caused by the British but rather by those nations that agreed to implement the EU’s disastrous policy of Schengen, allowing genuine refugees, terrorists as well as hundreds of thousands of economic migrants to walk directly from the borders of Turkey to Calais unchallenged. However, let us also acknowledge that it is hardly a coincidence that Western powers destabilised both the Middle East as well as North Africa at around the same time that they instigated Schengen, but rather that in the chaos that should certainly follow the necessary environment of fear might be created throughout Europe to allow them to offer and have accepted their solution of a new World order.

‘I just hope that the Schengen countries can resolve it because it is their free movement of people. Britain did not sign the Schengen agreement.’

Dr Sentamu blamed Tony Blair in part for the migrant crisis overwhelming Europe, saying it was a result of the disastrous invasion of Iraq.
- Dr John Sentamu.