Destroying the Union.

UK government must disclose legal arguments on article 50 procedure.
- Article by The Guardian.

The government has been forced by a senior judge to reveal secret legal arguments for refusing to let parliament decide when and how the UK should withdraw from the European Union.

The people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union after our government decided to hear our voice, but now some are not only attempting to bring the decision back to our leaders that they might overrule us, but risk breaking-up the Union in the process!
We are on the verge of breaking free from the restraints of a European harbour in which we have been force to trade, that we might sail upon the mighty oceans of commerce but these europhiles would rather destroy our nation than ever allow such thing. This decision in my opinion is one of the most dangerous threats this country has had to face in a very long time, and make no mistake that if by so doing they manage to thwart Brexit... democracy is finished.

MPs demand vote on hard Brexit plans for UK to leave single market.
- Article by The Guardian. - 9th October 2016

Because of the sovereignty issue and the negative effects of unrestrained mass immigration on our national identity, the segregation of our society and the massive strain it has put on our infrastructure... the government gave we black, brown and white British Nationals a referendum asking us if we wished to remain part of that undemocratic bureaucracy spreading like poison ivy over the Channel or regain our sovereignty.

Even a sovereignty where a defined people [nothing to do with race] can hold the government they voted into power accountable being answerable to them and not those unelected few planning against us the other side of the river.

But now those looking out of their ivory towers wish to make the referendum null and void by bringing the decision back to Parliament, why? because they know very well that the majority of our leaders voted to remain.

If they do this then democracy is dead and the people are left with no other option but to rise up against their oppressors for if we are forced to suffer the EU’s nation destroying policy of The Free Movement of People then everyone should know, that soon the whole country will be as is London today... 45% or more first generation immigrant whom just as any Brit in Germany or a French man Italy having little allegiance to their host nation, voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

The EU's policy of The Free Movement of People is one of, if not their main demand because they know that it shatters all national identity segregating society. And add to that the folly of promoting devolved power, it is not only a matter of time before Scotland, Wales and England go their separate ways with each thereafter to suffer majority Muslim cities demanding devolved power that they might instigate Shariah law and we are all assimilated into the EU Superstate that everyone but the EU knowledge's is now being constructed.

If the very reason for Brexiting the European Union is overturned, and we have to continue to suffer the negative effects of the EU’s policy of the free movement of people then democracy is mocked before all and the little faith we ever had in Parliament is finished.