Jeremy Corbyn and mass immigration.

Jeremy Corbyn rules out pledge to cut immigration
- Article by The Guardian.

How many migrants Jeremy and who?

Richard Branson.

Hundreds of thousands of unskilled males who often unable to speak English shall simply add to the segregation of our nation or a selected few, who we know want to integrate, benefit the nation and who our businesses are asking for?

The EU’s policy of simply opening the doors wide is madness, go and ask Branson if having advertised a vacancy he either selects the best applicant [singular] for the job or announces...

I will employ every single person who applies for the job even though I only require one, and that regardless of their skill-set, attitude or ability?

We all know the answer to that don’t we? Yet these progressive leftists simply want to burden the country and lavish our taxes, NHS and infrastructure on others just so that they are not accused of... not being nice. What about putting the needs of your black, brown and white countrymen first for a change? in fact that is what a government is mandated to do.