The Most Honourable Karlos Munfordus!

Government guarantees for post-EU funds.
- Article by the BBC.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is promising to replace European Union funding for farmers, scientists and other projects after the British exit from the bloc.
- Quote from the above article.

It staggers me that people do not understand that the funds the EU supposingly lavishes upon us, isn’t given out of the generosity of their hearts or for that matter out of their own pockets... but rather it is money taken from the United Kingdom and then partly returned with the addition that it must be spent on projects that they prefer. Often projects that not only strengthen their grip on the nation but paint them as our benefactors, and people still fall for this deception today by demanding that we return to suck on ‘mummy’s breast!’

I find it difficult to understand why our government isn’t addressing this issue by exposing the lie. My only thought is that not wishing to anger the European union unnecessarily or destabilise it while negotiating our departure, our leaders choose to remain silent least those suffering the greatest net loss are forced by their aggrieved populace to to refrain, causing the quick demise of the European project and the further destabilisation of a fragile World economy.

A billboard promoting the EU in Malta with other nations money.

Billboards such as the one featured above are not only appearing all over Europe as the European union uses our own cash to paint itself as our benefactor, but more disturbingly even outside of Europe and the simply are deceived by them.

Hey, if you sincerely believe the EU is right to take our money, thereafter to return ‘only part’ of it under the directive that we spend it on projects that fool the simple into believing they are our benefactors, give me control over your credit cards and bank account, because I really want to buy you a new car with the words on emblazoned upon it....

This car was paid for, given and presented to the driver by the most merciful, gracious and noble ‘Karlos Munfordus’, lord benefactor and honourable keeper of your hard earned cash!

Of course, I will fully expect your open adoration towards me thereafter for this most gracious gift.