Who is really responsible for Brexit?

Think the north and the poor caused Brexit? Think again
- Article by the Guardian.

Below is a comment I just tried to post at the Guardian, who informing me that they are currently monitoring all my posts allowed me to write the comment, but stated when I tried to post it that... “Comments are now Closed for this article”. OK, I was just unlucky that they closed the comment section while I was writing... still can’t quite get rid of that creeping paranoia feeling. [I’m joking of course, well I think I am...]

Without any doubt whatsoever those responsible for Brexit are our leaders, both within the United Kingdom as well as without in the EU, who arrogantly stopped their ears at our cries of alarm as our sovereignty was being given away, as well as averting their eyes to the shocking consequences of their disastrous policy of mass immigration, compounded by the idiocy of the Schengen area.


Maybe in the future they will listen to our cries, well they’ll have to now here in the United Kingdom being answerable to the people rather than Brussels. May God have mercy on our European friends over the river whose leaders not being accountable to the people, shall merely sniff as they look down from the safety of their ivory towers while their countrymen have to suffer the horrible consequences of a lunacy spawned from indifference.

Out of all of this what I find most shocking is the naivety of many of my countrymen who forget these things. For although that dictatorial bureaucracy over the river currently slumbers in its ignorance, history tells us again and again that whenever a government is unaccountable to its people, it is only a matter of time before a ruthless man ascends upon a throne that nobody can challenge... well, not without military force, blood and death.

The EU is not a democracy as they feign, attempting to validate such lie by repetition, and those who believe it is are both a danger to themselves as well as to their own people.