Brexit means Brexit but...

Come on Theresa, spit it out!

Does Brexit mean Brexit...
• With a deal of us suffering a continuation of the free movement of people in exchange for access to the single market or...
• Does Brexit really mean Brexit, and we end their nation destroying policy of the free movement of people?

A sovereign nation has within it a defined people [nothing to do with race] living within clearly defined borders, even a clearly defined citizenship that can hold its government accountable for looking after their welfare and not to put first the welfare of anyone who manages to set their foot by any means... upon European soil, and that from anywhere around the world.

Citizenship of Germany should favour Germans just as British citizenship Britons, as well as Kenyan Kenyans etc... else what is citizenship? and what advantage is there to the citizen or encouragement for that matter for him to sow into or even fight for his country if called? Thus citizenship is wrapped up in so much more, even our identity as a people and the defined landmass to which we belong.

It looks like I’m not the only one with concerns regarding a continuation of ‘The Free Movement of people’, an hour after writing the above I received the following from UKIP...

Dear Karl,

We’re going to have a Remain supporter Theresa May as Britain’s next Prime Minister.

The Tory establishment with its media friends in tow have managed to hound Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom out of the race, and we’re now looking at a Brexit fudge.

You only had to listen to the Home Secretary and next Prime Minister’s mealy mouthed statement on EU free movement this morning to realise what’s coming. She didn’t say she’d end it, she said she’d control it.

All this talk of “leave means leave” means almost nothing.

That’s why UKIP is needed now more than ever.