The government has rejected a petition signed by more than 4.1 million people calling for a second EU referendum. An email to those who signed the petition said the prime minister and government had “been clear that this was a once-in-a-generation vote”.
It said the decision “must be respected”, adding: “We must now prepare for the process to exit the EU.”
- A quote from the above article.


I’m encouraged by the above article, it really comes across as though the government is set to Brexit, my only concern is under what conditions for as I have expressed elsewhere, I fear that they might accept adhering to the EU’s nation destroying policy of ‘the free movement of people’ in exchange for access to the single market. If that takes place the United Kingdom would cease to be an independent nation within five or six years, its national identity having been destroyed.

If we really do break free we have a chance of not only sailing into the open seas of trade, but after a time of refining to reestablish a morality once lost, having been corrupted by the spirit of europa simmering over the river. Still, they have at least until September if not the end of the year if Theresa May becomes Prime Minister to create an event or the circumstances that could derail our exit. For we have been told that on one of those dates Article 50 will finally be instigated, that will begin the two year process of finally leaving the European Union.
My other concern is what effect their policy of mass immigration has had on our culture over the past ten years ever since Blair agreed to open the doors to Eastern Europe as well as Islam? The segregation of our society is all to obvious in many places, but confident that the Eastern Europeans as well as other cultures will soon integrate in time my real concern is that political religious system of Islam, which has within its holy book a leaven that teaches that it should rule and reign over all peoples which although diminished if we Brexit still has strongholds in our land. Strongholds that only the doctrine of Christ can pull down... which will not only need preaching but prayer to the Highest by those who know their God, that it might be heard and understood.

James 5:16
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.