Brexit in trouble!

PM contender, Theresa May.

Having come this far we now have a situation where we not only have the high probability of suffering being led by a Prime Minister who fervently campaigned against Brexit, but she having nearly three months to dismantle it by making a deal with the EU that gives us access to the free market at the cost of suffering their nation destroying policy of the free movement of people. If that is the case then it was all for nothing and the nation is lost, we soon to be assimilated into the Borg.

Even though the majority of the people voted for Brexit, in the halls of power where the decisions shall now be made the vast majority are against it! Meaning that democracy is much more limited than we might have thought and only brings us to the steps of 10 Downing Street but not through the door. Let us hope this story doesn’t end like George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ where looking through the window from outside the common animals can no longer tell the difference between those who led them out of captivity and those who had held them captive.

Now Italy’s Foreign Minister hints at overriding Brexit.

God willing this does not happen, but rather because of the Parliamentary Democracy that we have now retained May fearing the people, not only acknowledges that the EU’s nation destroying policy of the free movement of people was one of the foremost reasons why we voted to leave in the first place, honours it.

And let us remind ourselves of this fact, that if we had given away our Parliamentary Democracy by voting to don the steal yoke of Brussels, her infiltrators sitting in the House of Commons today would do as they please with little to no fear of the people we having all but severed the link of accountability between us.

Boris Johnson’s Father.

Boris Johnson’s father pleads that we do not strike a deal with the EU that allows us access to the single market at the price of suffering their nation destroying policy of the free movement of people.

In deed, how can you be a sovereign nation without having the ability of controlling your own borders that you might protect a defined people [nothing to do with race] living within clearly defined borders from external threats entering in? However, I fervently disagree with Johnson senior’s view that we could have changed the EU from with as a falacy, maybe in another five or six years after it had completed its job of shattering national coherence, pride and identity... yes then they might have yielded but not a moment before.

Sounds promising yet it is her views regarding the free movement of people yet undeclared, that will shed light on her true agenda. Come-on Theresa, spit it out.

I’m guessing that if she does become Prime Ministers, and she probably will... that the reason she will not yet declare her views regarding the free movement of people is because they could tarnish the negotiations with the EU regarding our leaving. If they are against the free movement of people she will get a frosty reception over the other side of the river and if she is for mass migration... fires could be lit this side. But I say declare it and be done with it for if Brexit means Brexit as she has declared... declare the end of mass immigration into the united Kingdom because in reality controlling our borders is a sovereignty issue, and that is what Brexit was all about.

And then of course there is US foreign policy.

American Foreign Policy which having set the whole world on fire doesn’t look kindly upon Brexit because it doesn’t gel with with their plans of creating a New World Order. We can only thank God that Cameron who once danced to their tune is going, but will his wraith terrify the Earth as does Blair’s today having been brought back from the dead for the purpose of forwarding their godless policies? Let us hope that his grave is not visited by them in the night and that he is allowed to rest in the peace, Blair alone is too much but Blair and Cameron... that really would be unbearable.

When ‘Brexit’ really means ‘Remain’.

Currently, what I find disturbing is the Government’s attitude towards Brexit, who rather than simply getting on with the job at hand are damaging the country with their continual attempts to backtrack on the results of a referendum they offered.

The government gave the Leave Campaign around twelve weeks to organise their campaign, yet the government itself with all of its machinery behind it have had since 7 May 2015 when they won the General Election to prepare for the possibility of leaving the European Union via a referendum they offered. However it is becoming ever clearer to me that as the EU only feigned, our government in its arrogance really hasn’t got a plan B to push forward with the result of a Brexit they offered but only to do everything it can to force us to Remain, no wonder Cameron resigned.

I mean, what man would offer to sell his house without first planning to move into another if the buyer accepted the offer? Only the British Government it seems. They really aught to implement fully the result of the referendum and rid us of this confusion yet I suspect that spirit [Eph 2:2] will never allow them to rest as long as we thwart its agenda of forwarding the construction of an authoritative New World Order.