The Free Movement of People.

Paul Nurse: ‘Research needs free movement to thrive’
- Article by the BBC.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the free movement of people is the foundation stone upon which the EU policy of destroying national identity, thus Nation states rests, especially with the EU’s porous borders which allow cultures totally at odds with Europeans, to flood into nations built upon a Judeo-Christian foundation. No wonder they have it attached as a condition to so manny issues and in this case, not only access to the single market but now we learn ‘to receive certain grants, such the funding of research.

For these reasons our scientists are now demanding that the UK continues to suffer the arrival of 300’000 often unskilled migrants a year pouring into the country with all of the negative aspects that come with that policy, that they may continue to receive their funding from the EU. But let us remind ourselves that since we pay more into the EU than we receive back, if we cut-out the middle man [The EU] we can give the money directly to their research without suffering all of the negative consequences that come with the EU’s nation destroying policies of uncontrolled mass immigration.

I’m reminded once again of the First Minister of Wales whom keeping a low profile since Wales overwhelmingly voted to Leave the EU, once forwarded an argument to Remain based on the fact that Wales benefitted tremendously from EU funding. Whose head was so deeply buried into that feed within the trough that his eyes couldn’t see that the feed he so loved to gorge upon came from the United Kingdom to Brussels and the back into his trough... thus in his ignorance doted upon the EU in much the same way as the pet dog dotes upon the five year old child that feeds him from his father’s larder.