Are we about to see the UK file for Divorce?

Is this finally the end of an abusive relationship?

I was listening to the highlights of a recent debate on Youtube last night, in which stood-up a Remain campaigner [can’t recall her name] who vehemently reminded the audience that the United Kingdom currently enjoys the best employment figures almost anywhere in the World.

However, putting the godless zero hours contracts aside that deem multitudes as ‘employed’ though they have no idea how many hours, if any, they are working next week... what the lady failed to mention was the terrible employment figures elsewhere in the EU.
In the southern states almost one in four are out of work which is a direct consequence of the Euro which denies them the opportunity of devaluing their currency [once a sovereign act] that would have made their produce much more competitive, thus bringing jobs to their shores.

It seems to many, including myself that the financial blessings that come mainly to the corporate few in the northern come at the expense and utter misery of the common man in the south, and of course they are left with no option but to clamber en masses north for work, and that to compete with the flood of economic migrants sucked into the European Union from Northern Africa and the Middle East, Merkel having encouraged them.