Brexit and India

Brexit could improve trade with India and make negotiation with UK easier
- Article by - International Business Times.

If Britain chooses to leave the European Union (EU), the decision could open up wider opportunities for India, a recent report from the State Bank of India has claimed. While the report also noted that it would become easier for India to negotiate with the EU if it did not have to deal with the rules of EU membership.

According to The Economic Times, SK Ghosh, chief economic advisor at the State Bank of India, said:
‘UK has an expertise in cyber security and its military technology is still competitive. This can become the point of convergence under Make in India. Hence, UK may very well be compensated for the loss of market in EU by the gains in India.’
- Quote from the above article.

1.3bn Indians

Thus by leaving the EU, the United Kingdom will still have access to the EU as does every other country outside of the EU but will also have access to 1.3 million Indians, who the EU has failed... and actually given-up attempting to make a trade agreement with saying nothing of the rest of the english speaking Commonwealth.

And closer to home, in Germany...

Trade curbs ‘foolish’ if UK votes Leave, says German industry.
- Article by by The BBC

Time and time again the ‘Remain Campaign’ have insisted that if we leave the European Union our goods exported to Europe will suffer tariffs, making them expensive for our Europeans customers. But knowing that the UK would respond in kind with like tariffs placed on EU exports to the United Kingdom, european business are unlikely to suffer that willingly.

Markus Kerber, the head of the influential BDI which represents German industry, said his organisation would make the case against such measures.
He said any introduction of tariffs would be “regression to times we thought we’d left behind in the 1970s”.
- Quote from the above article.