I’m as Mad as Hell.

European court backs UK curbs on child benefit rights.
- Article by the BBC

Ok, maybe I’m not quite that mad but...

Even though I agree with their decision, it really bugged me today to read the above report. Until today the European Courts have overridden almost every appeal we have made, but then suddenly out of the blue and within a week of the referendum they judge on our side, I mean how shallow do they think we are? Additionally the reason they judged on our side was given as...

It said it was justified on the basis of “protecting” a state’s finances.
- Quote from the above article.

Funny how a week before the referendum they feign concern for a nations finances but not once over the past ten years was any concern mentioned regarding the financial burden of accommodating three hundred thousand immigrants a year, many unable to speak english and without skills. Anyway, riled I let off steam by posting a comment on The Guardian but looking at my history I soon understood that they had refused to post any of the last four or five comments, so I added the last here... I still don’t feel any better though! :O

Blair, Major, Brown and Cameron have dragged us into something we never asked for or ever agreed to, even a Political Union led by a bunch of Bureaucrats in Brussels who have completely ignored all of our objections as they steam ahead with their political project, overruling and overriding everyone of our court appeals until today, strangely enough so close to the referendum!

They scoffed at our alarm at the shear scale of im/migration as our society segregates and beloved NHS, schools and internal infrastructures bow under the weight of literally millions of foreign nationals while greedily rubbing their hands together at spiralling house prices as wages stagnant being subject the laws of supply and demand.

And having driven us to the edge of a supposed abyss with nowhere else to turn, I ask them... What else do you expect us to do? If you treat us like this while will still have a remnant of Parliamentary Democracy... what will you do to us once you have given it away?

Luke 23:31
For if they do these things when the tree is green, what will will they do when it is dry?

If I sound angry I apologise but I am, for leaving us no other option it infuriates me when they feign surprise at taking the only option left to us, even to Brexit.

If things turn ugly it will only be temporary unlike giving away our democracy, yet the blame should rest solely on the shoulders of an elitist class whom having no allegiance to a defined people [nothing to do with race] living within clearly defined borders... promote the agenda of a class of people without borders, even the construction of a dictatorial superstate that already has its own flag, anthem, central bank and beginnings of a military. Now when did we agree to that?

Let me guess, another pro-leave post by myself that [cough splutter] The Guardian of what? refuses to post.

I’m really looking forward to the 24th of June which ever way it goes, for once it is done it is done and as David left off petitioning God for the life of his child once he was dead, I can turn away from this to more important issues if my health lets knowing that God’s will shall be done. For if it is His will to bless or to chastise who can resist Him, and looking at the moral state of our nation nothing would surprise me which reminds me of a dream I once had.