The Interviewer and the Interviewee.

Farage on the Marr Show today.

The job of an interviewer is to guide the interview in such a way as to inform the public regarding the topic at hand, which in my opinion is quite an art.

In the above video Andrew Marr does an excellent job of doing just that when recognising that Farage wasn’t attempting to abuse the situation stepped aside and allowed him to answer questions presented in his own words, interjecting only when he felt that important issues were being overlooked resulting in a very informative interview.
This in complete contrast to the disjointed, confusing and often incoherent interview held by Andrew Neil recently which left me feeling rather frustrated, confused and none the better informed as Neil chose to answer his own questions by speaking over Farage’s attempts to reply, even offering his own assertions as though they were undisputed facts.

Hats off to Andrew Marr who having attempted to force a headline more than once didn’t reduce the whole interview to that cause. Indeed, it is a sad fact today that most interviewers are more interested in attaining a headline connected to their show than informing the public regarding any real issues, whom ever looking to the emotional should consider hosting any future interviews in the Queen Vic during the next episode of Eastenders, if in fact that is their main goal!