Turkey’s access to the Schengen Area.

The Baal and Ashtoreth symbols of Islam on the Turkish Flag.

Cameron, Osbourne and others continually tell us that Turkey couldn’t possibly join the European Union in their lifetimes, Cameron even stating that ‘if it did join it would probably be in the year 3000’.

Yet that doesn’t seem to tally with reality for behind the scenes we learn that the EU is likely to give Turks ‘free to roam visa access’ throughout the Schengen Area in July of this year, noticeably after the British Referendum and quite possibly around the time the EU finally admits that it is building a European Military to compliment its flag, national anthem, bank and court that trumps our supreme court... but of course they aren’t annexing other nations to build a new centralised dictatorial superstate are they! Hmm but hang-on a minute...

Mr Osborne said it was UK policy that Turkey should not join the EU now, and it would not happen in his lifetime.
- Quote by George Osbourne.