Sick and tired of people like me!

John Wight [Right] - Is sick and tired of people like me.

Time-stamp at 9:09

I’m also sick and tired of hearing people like John Wight suggest that the NHS will collapse if we Brexit because all of the 50’000 foreign nationals working within it will be forced to leave. That is utter nonsense and he knows it, in fact everyone and their mother knows that in a points based system they would not only be able to stay, but would be encouraged to do so just as they are today.

However, encouraging foreign nationals with the skills we lack to work in the UK doesn’t justify opening our doors to over 300’000 people every year, many of whom are not required and are often young single Muslim men from north Africa, Pakistan and the Middle East whom feigning refugee status make it much more difficult for those fleeing real persecution.

Ask yourself this:
What business would open its doors and employ anyone and everyone who happened to walk in the door regardless of either their qualifications or the needs of the company? None of the businesses in the remain campaign would be so foolish I bet, but would rather having ascertained the company’s needs thereafter advertise for candidates to fill those positions choosing from the cream of those who applied. And this is exactly what a points based system is all about. But when it comes to our nation these lovers of a dictatorial European Union suddenly turn everything on its head.