Cameron’s perfect Oxymoron:
Controlling the free movement of people.

Since the freedom of movement was instigated, movement has been mostly one way, into the UK.

Just so that you know if you didn’t already.
Cameron’s so called ‘renegotiation with Brussels’ which still awaits ratification by the other 27 members, only last up to seven years after which it is scrapped. Something Cameron forgot to mention in his interview.

So in the unlikely scenario that Cameron’s near useless renegotiation is ratified and migrants...

  • Are not allowed to claim unemployment benefit.
  • Will Apparently be forced to leave if they haven’t found a job within six months.
  • And if they do find a job, pay into the system for up to four years before they are able to claim welfare.

All of these restrictions will be permanently scrapped within seven years of them being implemented, after which upon arriving on our shores, all newly arrived migrants will immediately...

  • Be able to claim unemployment benefit.
  • Wont be forced to leave the UK if they haven’t found a job within six months.
  • Will immediately be able to access the welfare system, including in-work benefits.

I not only find it breathtaking that Cameron has continuously failed to mention these crucial facts, but that the BBC presenter who is making a great show of challenging Cameron, fails to bring-up these important points. If I didn’t know better I might have thought that it had been agreed beforehand, that these issues wouldn’t be mentioned within the interview.