Since when did ‘Diversity’ only mean race?

A pack of dogs

Farage accuses Mandelson and Labour of ‘rubbing our noses in diversity’.
- Article by The Guardian.

diversity dʌɪˈvəːsɪti,dɪ-/Submit

noun the state of being diverse.
"there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports" a range of different things.

plural noun: diversities
"newspapers were obliged to allow a diversity of views to be printed"

variety, miscellany, assortment, mixture, mix, melange, range, array, medley, multiplicity; variation, variance, diverseness, diversification, variegation, heterogeneity, difference, unlikeness, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, distinctiveness, contrast "a diversity of abstract design styles"

When then did ‘Diversity’ only mean race?

As per usual they jump like a pack of dogs at the slightest opportunity to play the race card, Nigel is clearly referring to the mass importation of foreign cultures, be they white Europeans or brown Asians the point is that uncontrolled mass immigrations on the scale suffered today, sows seeds of segregation rather than the integration we once enjoyed.

Playing the Race Card.

There is nothing racist about UKIP’s policies, they know as well as everyone else that being British has nothing to do with race but rather about our common values, but these traitors such as Mandelson who long ago left off serving a defined people [again not about race] living within clearly defined borders but rather as Osbourne and Cameron, serve a class of people without borders.

I just pray that those watching the video will see past Mandelson’s opportunist cunning, and not react as he would wish as do the simple who would much rather raise the race card and lead us into a corporately controlled bureaucracy than stop and think. For we risk casting off forever a Parliamentary Democracy that allows us to kick out of office any government that strays from the path, something we will not be able to do if we remain in an EU that has openly confessed within its own documents that it intends to press-on to ever tighter political union... regardless of Cameron’s supposed safeguards.

How sad it would be if our British men and women of colour chose to give away forever a Parliamentary Democracy, because they were led to believe that the word ‘diversity’ only meant people of colour? Do we have a problem with diversity here in the UK? I would say yes indeed, but not a diversity based on colour but rather a diversity of ideologies, values and behaviours that are not only vastly different than our own but often morally offensive [child marriage etc...] and illegal [taharrush gamea - mob rape]. Diversities fuelled by the shear scale of immigration and not checked as before by levels that promoted integration.

As I have mentioned before, we only have to recall what the mass importation of an Islamic culture did to the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ [Beirut] when taking in a PLO that had recently attempted to overthrow Jordan that had helped them in their hour of need, they segregated Lebanon to the point of civil war.

I fear for this nation, and I fear because the people are so easily swayed into the knee-jerk reactions of the flesh whom having been so trained by the likes of East Enders and the latest reality show, God Himself maybe giving over to destruction.