Define Patriotic.

Don’t believe him Gove.

The EU vote will just be the start of a bitter Tory battle over Europe.
- Article by Matthew d’Ancona of the Guardian.

...that makes the patriotic case for membership...
- Quote from the above article.

Farage challenges Cameron’s definition of being ‘Patriotic’.

What is patriotic about bringing a Parliamentary Democracy under the heel of a corporately controlled dictatorial bureaucracy? Osbourne recently stated that risking the UK’s economy by leaving the EU was too ‘high a price to pay’ for sovereignty but it appears that giving away a Parliamentary democracy isn’t... what better example is there of a man whose god is money?

Mark 10:24
But Jesus answered again and said to them, “Children, how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God!

And just as the EU’s policy of mass immigration promotes civil unrest within the empire so does their policy of destabilising the Ukraine and the Middle in an effort to appease US foreign policy bring the whole world to the edge of World War III. Yet Cameron still has the front to suggest that leaving the EU risks conflict!
It seems as though their spin-doctors are working over-time at government HQ at the moment who appear increasingly desperate to sell a Parliamentary Democracy for beads and trinkets as did the African Chieftains their lands and children on the shores of that great continent many years ago.

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