Annexation by Mass immigration

A nation within a nation.

Danish PM Warns of No-Go Zones.
- Article by The Clarion Project.

“It’s a matter of being realistic about the situation,” Rasmussen said, “and there are areas where there is already a different set of rules. Where the gangs are in control and the police cannot work. I cannot sit and passively let it happen.”
- Quote from the above article.

When will people finally realise that Islam is a political religious system that by its own admission, means to rule and reign over all making it incompatible with Parliamentary Democracy?

Nation within a nation developing says former equalities watchdog.

As I point-out in my blog A New World Order, Blair’s policy of unrestrained mass immigration only helps to establish foreign ideologies within our society, ideologies that perpetuate cultures that often have divisive, sometimes illegal and quite often unpleasant values such as child marriage, honour killings as well as a legal system contrary to our own.

At last! A man who dares to tell the truth about race: Ex-race tsar says silencing of debate has done devastating harm to Britain.
- Article by the Mail Online.

Britain is silencing debate on race issues by ‘intimidating’ those who dare to ask questions, according to the former equalities watchdog.
Trevor Phillips the former chairman of Commission for Racial Equality

Come-on Trevor, its not about race its about the mass importation of an alien ideology that perpetuates behaviour, values and a culture totally at odds with our own. If you’re going to admit your colossal error of promoting mass immigration over the past twenty years, get it right this time.

Is the debate about to begin?

Personally I believe that the results of this globalist policy will be fully exploited if we do manage to break free from a corporately controlled EU. For having promoted a devolution that lends itself to cries for an independents that guarantees in the long run, servitude to Brussels, I fully expect thereafter to hear demands in majority Muslims areas for devolved powers within which they will enforce Shariah Law.

Isaiah 3:12
As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, and destroy the way of your paths.

Deborah was a notable leader of Israel, her exploits recorded in Judges 4:4, therefore the term ‘women’ in the above text is not used as a derogatory term regarding the fairer sex but in a then patriarchal society, as a way of pointing-out the current state of Israel’s male leadership.
If we were to say a ‘ house wife, cleaning lady or nanny had been appointed to the office of Prime Minister’ the verse might be better understood in its context. Likewise if it was declared that Tony Blair had been appointed to the office of ‘National Cohesion’, all would immediately understand that he was ill suited for the job.

Then might we use the same verse regarding the worthiness of our current leadership? Who seem more intent on giving away a Parliamentary Democracy to a corporate dictatorship than securing it, while at the very same time promoting the division of society by the mass importation of foreign cultures. But as I have explained elsewhere, none of this is by accident but is propagated by an elitist few to forward an agenda not of our own making nor in our best interest.

There is no doubt in my mind that our leaders are aware that remaining in the European Union means the gradual and complete loss of our sovereignty. Why would they do this contrary to their mandate unless they have pledged their allegiance to another people? While researching the ‘Council of Europe’ I came across the following...

While the member states of the European Union transfer national legislative and executive powers to the European Commission and the European Parliament in specific areas under European Union law, Council of Europe member states maintain their sovereignty but commit themselves through conventions (i.e., public international law) and co-operate on the basis of common values and common political decisions.
- Excerpt from Wikipedia’s page on The Council of Europe.

Thus I can say without hesitation, that the likes of Cameron have left off representing a defined people [Nothing to do with Race] living within clearly defined borders, but rather now represent a class of people without borders, as well as their global corporate companies.

Mark 10:24
But Jesus answered again and said to them, “Children, how hard it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God!”.

A timely reminder regarding Cameron’s current tax affairs, which although seemingly legal show his eagerness to pay as little tax as it legally possible when shifting sums here and there, just under the threshold required to pay tax. And this is the same man who casting poverty stricken, sick and wheelchair bound British nationals out of their tiny hovels made them available to the newly arrived foreign national. If that doesn’t prove that he no longer acknowledges British Citizenship nothing will.

However one of the biggest ‘bone of contention’ I have with the current government, and especially Cameron is his forcing upon the United Kingdom without so much as a mandate the spectre of ‘Gay Marriage’. That one single policy has done more damage to this nation than all of the rest put together, and only the studious Christian could comprehend the shear scale of that error.

Obviously it isn’t going to be an elite looking down from their ivory towers who are going to have to pay the price for their horrendous policy of unrestrained mass immigration, but rather those they were mandated to protect. Again, it is clear to be that the only thing that will save this nation from the coming catastrophe is a national repentance and return to the God we forsook.