Playing the Race Card.

Abbott playing the Race card.

I just watched an episode of the BBC’s Question Time recorded in Poole on the 25th of February 2016. Where a young girl forcefully put forward a valid argument for a Brexit, which unable to counter or defend her party’s policy of remaining in the EU, Dianne Abbott went full retard by pulling-out the Race-card. This behaviour was particularly strange as the young lady only ever mentioned white eastern Europeans in a negative light, to highlight our current difficulties in bringing in skilled labour from outside of the Union.
As far as I am concerned we do not have a race issue here in the United Kingdom, but rather an issue regarding the cultural segregation of parts of our nation because of the shear scale of migration that is officially [I’m sure it is much higher] running at over three hundred thousand every year. A figure that will certainly rise if we are a member of the EU when Turkey joins.

Point Stifled by Abbott playing the Race Card.

Blair plays it too.

How can we have helpful, honest and constructive debate regarding this historically important issue, if every time someone touches upon the issue of migration our politicians throw their rattle out of their pram to raise the Race Card? Again, we do not have a race issue here in the United Kingdom, but what we are seeing today is the black, brown and white British citizen that people like Abbott feign to represent, being forced to compete for housing, jobs, services and health care etc... with literally millions or foreign nationals every single day. If Abbott doesn’t want to represent the British citizen who voted her into power and gave her a mandate to look out for their welfare, but rather as she went on to say ‘spend her time bringing in the families of the newly arrived from outside the UK’, maybe she should start looking for another job?

Even the children of immigrants are
becoming sick of her divisive rhetoric.

She also implied that everyone who supports Brexit believe immigrants only come for welfare, which simply isn’t true. If every last one of the five or six million plus migrants and immigrants that entered the United Kingdom since the early 2000s had a job, the issues previously mentioned would still stand. Additionally, contrary to Abbott’s slanderous accusations I have never come across anyone with an issue regarding the controlled migration this country once enjoyed, but rather with the shear scale of what we have witnessed since Blair and Cameron opened the door to an unrestrained mass immigration, promoted by an elitist few.

The media’s use of the ‘Racist Card’ laid bare.

How did it come to the point when black, brown and white British Nationals attempting to regain their sovereignty are deemed as racist? Maybe we have finally come to the point when their overuse of the race card has spelt its doom. Are there black, brown and white racists in the United Kingdom? certainly, just as there are people who believe the Queen is a shape shifting reptilian... but they are massively in the minority, isolated and few.

Welby Denounces Playing the Race Card.

Migration fears not racist - Archbishop

- Article by the BBC

It is “outrageous” to describe people who are worried about the impact of migration as racist, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has said.
There was “genuine fear” over the impact on housing, jobs and the NHS, he told Parliament's The House magazine.
The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who is one of five cabinet ministers campaigning for Brexit, welcomed Mr Welby’s comments on migration

He said: “These are rational comments from the archbishop - they’re to be welcomed - but you wonder just how late they’ve come from various people in institutions, so I congratulate him.”

“If you think back, for far too many years what’s happened is that in a sense the elites have all said ‘It’s terrible to talk about immigration and if you do you’re racist’, so they've shut down the debate for many, many years.”
Iain Duncan Smith.

Diane Abbott plays race card to excuse her decision to send her son to private school.

Back in 2010 Diane Abbott used the issue of Race to excuse sending her children to a private school.

Miss Abbott also risked fury among her white colleagues in the Labour Party by saying they would ‘never understand’ the Afro-Caribbean culture of parents wanting to do the best for their children.
- Article by the Mail Online.