The Emergency Break.

Hearing that David Cameron was likely to announce he’d won a concession from the European Union in the form of an ‘Emergency Break’ which would deny migrants from claiming in-work benefits for up to four years, I was reminded of a video I had seen a few days earlier called: UK Referendum On Europe

The Question of the Emergency break - 5 minutes

The video consists of a meeting chaired by Nigel Farage of UKIP, where various MEPs where gathered together to question Mr Jonathan Faull, whom the European Commission has commissioned to head a six-strong task-force for the purpose of advising Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, regarding the British in-out Referendum.

Interestingly, MEP Steven Woolfe asked an important question by pointing-out something that I was totally unaware of, even ‘why hadn’t David Cameron used the provision of the Emergency Break years ago, as some nations already have?’ This was a total surprise to me as it appeared that our media have been selling the Emergency Break as a concession won from the European Union by David Cameron. Above is a short clip of Steven Woolfe MEP asking that very question.

EU Propaganda during the Referendum?

Information or Propaganda?

Worried by the EU’s use of tax payers money being used to promote the EU during the second referendum held in the Irish Republic, Mr Faull was asked if tax payers money would used to fund EU propaganda during the British Referendum, to which Mr Faull replied ‘Not a penny’. However Mr Farage pointed-out that during the Irish referendum the EU defined such funds as “information only”. Information Mr Farage pointed-out that appeared more concerned with informing the Irish Republic how great the EU was for Ireland than anything else.

The Creation of an EU Military.

An EU Military?

Another revelation that I personally find disturbing is the creation of an EU military, that as Rome and the USSR before them I am convinced will be used to crush underfoot any national uprising within the Empire. For the EU knows very well that soldiers will not rise-up against their own people, that is why both Rome, the USSR and Persia sent armies made-up of mixed multitudes to cast-down such revolts.

Ever Closer Union.

Ever closer Union equals another Rome or another USSR.

The meeting not only highlights the EU’s uncompromising policy of the free movement of people which will given time will undoubtably destroy national identity, but ever closer union. Farage pointed out that although the EU chirps out reassuring and comforting words regarding different speeds of integration, it only goes one way, towards ever closer union until we are all integrated into a European Superstate. Unless the reader is intent on deceiving themselves they should at least acknowledge that the EU is intent on resurrecting, as was both Napoleon and hitler... a new but modern form of the Old Roman Empire.

No Provision considered for a Brexit.

No Provision for a Brexit.

Do they know something we don’t?.

As if the EU knows that the UK can never leave, no provision, planning or investigations are being made to consider the massive consequences on the rest of the EU if the UK does breaks free. This is either negligence on a truly incomprehensible scale or there is something else going on here.

Is it possible that the vote could be rigged? If it was an electronic election I would instantly say ‘yes’. Unfortunately the public suffers from extreme naivety regarding what is going on in the World today regarding the construction of a New World Order.
Consider, if a teenager can break into the files of a bank, Sony as well as other government institutions, how much more could the dark forces within the Five Eyes edit the results of a corrupt European Union election?

Indeed hindsight is a great thing... but don’t we expect better from these self proclaimed experts?

It seems to me that the very same shortsighted attitude displayed by the leaders of the EU regarding a possible Brexit, was prevalent during their planning of a borderless Europe. Either that or this terrible situation was part of their original plan, now there’s a thought! Either way they are either criminally negligent or have willingly given themselves over to evil.

Capitalism will devour Democracy.

Yanis Varoufakis, Capitalism will devour Democracy.

Recently Yanis Varoufakis, the ex-finance minister of Greece spoke at a T.E.D. conference recently, where he expressed very articulately why he believed that if we dont’t act soon, capitalism will utterly destroy democracy.

When I remind myself of the 2.3 trillion dollars that has gone missing from the US treasury, and that the rooms within the Pentagon where the investigations were taking place were totally destroyed by a plane whose titanium engines apparently melted in the crash, yet not the paper passports of the supposed ‘terrorist’... I have to wonder how much of that 2.3 trillion with the EU’s billions lost every year are being used to blackmail and bribe politicians around the world. As well as pay for the infrastructure, high tech resources and surveillance systems required for a New World Order that shall be offered as a solution to a very real catastrophe now being orchestrated by ungodly men.

The Brussels Business.

A Corporately controlled European Union.

A truly fascinating insight into a corporately controlled European Union, where massive corporate companies write EU legislation for the EU to pass into law.
This isn’t just a good documentary but essential watching for anyone who is interested in the motives of those behind the European Union.