The Sacred City.

The Sacred City.

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This is a very well presented, and easy to follow documentary regarding the beginnings of Islam which will challenge most Muslims. I’m guessing some of you may have already watched it but as for me I have only just stumbled upon it.

As a Christian, I’ve always struggled to understand why ‘The Jewish Remnant’ are ‘initially’ protected from Antichrist in Bozrah, Jordan, where stands Petra. Even Bozrah from where Christ shall return having saved the Remnant from Antichrist’s hoard, they having first fulfilled the legal requirement of His return by acknowledging in their distress, that they had killed their King, repent of this crime and call on His name who has promised to answer them.

Hosea 5:15
I [Jesus] will go and return to my place [with the Father - Jn 16:28], till they acknowledge their offence [of killing their King], and seek my face: in their affliction [The Gt Tribulation] they will seek me early. [Call on His Name].

And indeed The Remnant shall be rescued at Bozrah, shortly before Jesus turns His attention to Jerusalem.

Isaiah 63:1-6
1 - Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.
2 - Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?
3 - I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.
4 - For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.
5 - And I looked, and there was none to help; and I wondered that there was none to uphold: therefore mine own arm brought salvation unto me; and my fury, it upheld me.
6 - And I will tread down the people in mine anger, and make them drunk in my fury, and I will bring down their strength to the earth.

We know why the remnant flee to Jordan as it is clearly revealed in Daniel 11:41, which in its context is still clearly in our future. But the question has always been “Why will Antichrist be unable to enter Jordan”? Even Jordan that resides over the river of the same name, and encompasses the ancient nations of Ammon, Moab and Edom.

Daniel 11:41
He [Antichrist] shall enter also into the glorious land [Israel], and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. [Today’s Jordan]

Again, I’ve never understood why Antichrist will ‘initially’ be unable to enter Jordan and destroy God’s remnant, but ‘maybe’ it has something to do with any future developments regarding the discoveries made in this amazing documentary. The Book of Revelation also touches upon this event, noting that it occurs during a three and a half year period, even the last half of the seventieth week of Daniel. [Daniel 9:27]

Revelation 12:6
And the woman [The Remnant] fled into the wilderness [Bozrah?,] where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. [Three and a half years]

Revelation 12:14
And to the woman [The Remnant] were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time [Three and a half years], from the face of the serpent. [Antichrist, here represented by the Serpent]

And as every studious Christian knows The Antichrist’s reign last exactly? You’ve got it... three and a half years!

Revelation 13:4-6
4 - And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast [Antichrist:] and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
5 - And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. [Three and a half years]
6 - And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

The very same time period Christ preached His Kingdom to the Jews, who rejected Him.

John 5:43
I [The Christ] am come in my Father’s name, and ye [Jews] receive me not: if another [The Antichrist] shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

I’m unsure how this information relates to why Antichrist will be unable to enter Jordan, but shall certainly keep it foremost in my mind as I read scripture... especially regarding both current, and end-time events. As the documentary states, Islam has gone to war with itself over far less trivial things than this, and with the West having clearly set its flag in the Sunni house of Saudi where lays Mecca, you have to wonder what connotations this new information might bring regarding Shia islam seated in Iran, just over the Persian Gulf.

Finally, there’s allot I still don’t understand regarding why Antichrist will initially be unable to enter Jordan, but it would appear that as the ‘Ten Region Alliance’ fails, he breaks any treaty [Rev 17:12-13] he might have had and with them to enter Jordan and surround the Remnant, probably in Petra and shortly before he is undone at Christ’s return.

Daniel 11:43-44
43 - But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.
44 - But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.