The EU Agenda Revealed.

Having heard of a report [FCO 30 1048] created back in the 1970’s for the then Prime Minister Edward Heath which revealed the real intention behind the EU and thus was quickly hidden from the public, I thought to write something about it. Well, that was until I stumbled upon a video by Steve Attridge which says more than I ever could.

Source: Steve Attridge Channel.

I’ve said it many times before and Steve touches on it, but those who vote for the same political parties that got us into this mess such as The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberals lose any rights to complain thereafter about the collapse of the NHS, education system, Jobs market, Welfare system and housing as millions pour in from all over the world over the next ten to twenty years to feed off them. For by their decision they will have taken away from the rest of us our only method of forcing our elected governments to address them, and that in a democratic election passed onto us by our forefathers.

Because lets face it, once the reigns of power have been completely taken over by that tower of bureaucracy rising over the river, our Parliamentary Democracy will have been reduced to nothing more than a ‘Local County Council of the European Union’.

FCO 30 1048 with a source link to a pdf version
- Provided by: www.acasefortreason.co.uk