Site Update.

Just a quick update.
I’ve been using my account at Minds.commore and more recently, which being very easy to use has me questioning if I should close this site down and use Minds exclusively. The only down side is that I will soon lose my coding skills with the lack of use, but then do I really need them anymore? Indeed, they have come in handy outside of this site, but less and less as the years have passed.

On the upside, I’ll save a bit of cash not having to pay 1&1 to host this site anymore yet balk at the thought of having to change all of my user names and passwords associated with my email address, yet this can be done if I just roll-up my sleeves and get on with it.

Minds was set-up as a Facebook/Twitter/Youtube alternative that isn’t going to ban you for not being ‘Politically Correct’. Yet those who know their God, thus believe the scriptures of truth know very well that although Minds.com fights for the freedom of speech, [having already come under attack] that it is only a matter of time before they either yield or are removed from the web by those driven by ‘The spirit of antichrist’ to forward the coming world order that must be in place before Antichrist is revealed.

However, keeping my tiny site going won’t make any difference as to if I have a voice in the future or not, as it will only take legislation forwarded by ‘The Left’ to threaten hosting companies with hefty fines if they continue to host sites that are not deemed to be ‘Politically Correct’, else having already given the control of the domains to the UN a few years ago, have www.esculent.co.uk and other sites like my own redirected to pages promoting Gay Marriage, a One World Order or Islam.
Personally, I feel confident that having monitored the web for years now, that those driven by ‘that spirit’ already have a strategy in place which will allow them to change the web overnight through the control of the domains. All it will take will be the necessary ‘contrived’ global outrage, after which nobody will complain.