Was it an In Out Referendum?

The ‘Weeping Lefts’ cry is that “we never knew we were voting to leave the EU completely”, really? First of all, Cameron campaigned for a referendum before he entered office, and that on a moral basis.

Cameron before he entered office, campaigning on a referendum.

I will go to Parliament and propose that the British people decide our future in Europe, through an IN-OUT REFERENDUM.
- Quote by Cameron as Prime Minister 25 seconds into the video below.

How could anyone have been in any doubt what the referendum was about when we recall the poll card?

Remember how the question was framed?

Cameron while in office, clearly giving us an IN OUT REFERENDUM

But if they take that away from us, then as far as I’m concerned... democracy is dead here in the United Kingdom.

And now Labour are offering us the choice of choosing either their renegotiated deal to Leave, which in reality will be to Remain, or to Remain, in a second referendum they having not honoured the first.