UK Muslim Grooming Gangs.

The Shocking Truth.

Tommy Robinson owed a debt of gratitude, not prison.

The startling truth about UK ‘Grooming Gangs’ is that a mere 7% of the UK population are responsible for 84% of all ‘known’ child grooming cases! But it’s actually much worse than that because it is the Pakistani community who made-up 43% of the UK Muslim population in 2009 who commit the vast majority of these heinous crimes, yet the Police terrified of being accused of ‘profiling’ because of the Left’s ideology of ‘Political Correctness’ have turned a blind eye to this for years allowing tens of thousands of children to suffer needlessly.
We might say then, that around 80% of all ‘known’ child grooming cases in the UK are carried-out by just over 3% of the population, and they being Pakistani Muslims men.

- Article by The Telegraph.

74% of Muslims are from an Asian ethnic background (Pakistani - 43%, Bangladeshi - 16%, Indian - 8%, Other Asian - 6%)
- Quote from the Telegraph’s article.

- Article by Quilliam International.

The report found that 84% of ‘grooming gang’ offenders were (South) Asian, while they only make up 7% of total UK population and that the majority of these offenders are of Pakistani origin with Muslim heritage.
- Quote from the Quilliam Article.

So it’s simply a cultural thing right? No, because the vile phenomenon is not found within the Pakistani Sikh community but Muslim only. Of cause, this phenomenon appeared in a vacuum and has nothing to do with Mohammed bedding a child in his fifties... I mean, they wouldn’t dare justify such vile acts in their darkened hearts by using the example left them by their prophet Mohammed... would they?

Oh look out! It’s one of those racist Tommy Robinson supporters!

Lets face it, if any business saw such statistics relating to a product they would act immediately, but not our government who shackled by the Left’s ideology of Political Correctness’ only moved when Tommy Robinson shamed them, whom having abused they quickly imprisoned for his efforts.

Ephesians 5:11
And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

What really riled me was when Lord Pearson stood up in the House of Lord’s to ask if they might discuss Islam without being accused of a hate crime? ... who was shortly met with gasps of astonishment, tuts and groanings of disapproval.

You think this is a new phenomenon, Pakistani Muslims grooming children? No, they were after Sikh Girls as far back as 1988 and as today, the Police were in full denial!

Sikh Girls groomed by Pakistani Muslims in the UK back in 1988.

But hey, we mustn’t profile anyone as it would be far better to allow a few hundred thousand children to be groomed by Pakistani Muslim men than bring into question the wisdom of the weeping Left’s ideology of ‘Political Correctness’ right? Wrong!

Grooming Gang Statistics.
- Article by pmclauth.com

Table [In the article] showing details of those jailed as members of gangs who targeted white schoolgirls for rape. Muslims are approximately 5% of the UK population, but they are 90% of those convicted for these grooming gang crimes. Here [The Article] you can see not only the ages of the men, but also the towns with which their crimes were associated. When one considers that logically there must be in excess of 100,000 victims, the convictions below are the tip of a massive iceberg. Convictions are grouped by date of trial conclusion, then by town, then by surname. Norfolk’s pivotal article (2011) had around 50 convictions and this enabled a revolution in how the media responded to this phenomenon. Below there are now over 200 convictions. The name “Mohammed” (and variant names for the founder of Islam) is rendered in a bold font.
- Quote from the above article.

Source: An uncomfortable truth.

Finally, a Home Secretary that refuses to bow to ‘Political Correctness’ regarding this issue.

‘Wrong to ignore’ ethnicity of grooming gangs - Javid
- Article by The BBC