What, Another Syrian Gas Attack?

Just when the US was about to pull-out Assad gasses his own people, how convenient.

Once again, when Assad has brought yet another rebel army to the point of defeat with conventional weapons he decides to release a chemical attack that slaughters women and children, knowing that by so doing he will give those who wish to oust him from power the excuse they need to launch yet another attack, saying nothing of the international condemnation he will have willingly brought upon himself. Which all seems a bit strange for one of the greatest tacticians in the Middle East who against all odds and everyone’s predictions has clung on to power. Personally, I think the clip above ‘may’ hold the answer to the question as to ‘Why there should be another chemical attack now?’ [But by whom?]

Just days ago the President called for a quick exit now that the Islamic state group has nearly been defeated there.
- Quote from the clip above.

Okay, maybe Assad has lost the edge and for some reason decided to gas a defeated foe against the will of his greatest ally, Putin. But then we have to consider the question as to why the West with only the word of the politically motivated ‘White Helmets’, sought without investigation to bomb the legitimate government forces of President Assad in the middle of a civil war, and this with all Western Media supporting.

Obviously, I don’t know what happened in Douma but by the grace of God I do know scripture, and scripture not only tells me that there must arise a World order that Assad and Russia appear to be standing in the way of but many others things, saying nothing of using my ‘common sense’ when witnessing such strangeness throughout our Western ‘News Media’.

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