BBC Biased Exposed.

Regardless of the views of the tens of thousands seen demonstrating, the BBC reporter will label them ‘Far Right’ because his few friends at the BBC do. Thus this attitude is a ‘class issue’ and has nothing to do with the reality on the street or facts.

Original Video which I edited for my site.
- By Tommy Robinson at ‘The Rebel’.

A perfect example of the left-leaning BBC biased reporting on anything that exposes Islam for what it is, even ‘true’ Islam that encourages its followers to adhere to the examples, values and commands left by Mohammed as recorded in their Qur’an and Hadith’s. Examples, values and commands of he who married a seven-year-old child while aged fifty-three, personally led raiding parties where were men’s wives and daughters taken as sex slaves and beheaded his enemies. Examples, values and commands that those who came after him adhered to as they slaughtered and raped their way through the rest of the Middle East, North Africa and half of Europe.

A true Mohammedan.
These are the true Muslims, they are by definition “Mohammedans” being true followers of Mohammed and I thank God that many here in the United Kingdom who call themselves ‘Muslims’ abhor his values. I only wish they would stop calling themselves “Muslims” thereby taking away the ‘Lefts’ excuse for defining Islam by those who do not follow the abhorrent values of Mohammed rather than those ‘Mohammedans’ who do.

Below, Douglas Murray points out how our left-leaning ‘Politically Correct’ politicians, police and courts attack those who react to the primary problem committed by the true followers of Mohammed, while all of the time ignoring the very values that excuse such base behaviours as underaged sex, numerous wives, wife beating, rape, attempts to enforce Shariah Law upon the rest of society as well as openly announcing that they seek to overthrow our democratic process.
Finally, it should be mentioned that although Tommy Robinson founded the English Defence League [EDL], he left it because of the racist elements that had infiltrated the movement not adhering to their racist views and today works to inform the nation what true Islam really is.

Douglas Murray.