True Islam on the BBC’s Asian Network.

Shazia Awan interviews British Muslim.

Salman Rushdie wasn’t living in Pakistan when he wrote the ‘Satanic Verses’, so what the guy being interviewed is stating though he feigns otherwise is that:

‘Shariah Law should be globally enforced regardless of the laws of individual Nation States’.

Salman Rushdie.

What we are hearing in this interview is a true follower of Mohammed who married a child, force converted and personally led raiding parties to loot, take sex slaves and slaughter men... speaking to a women who calling herself a “Muslim” abhors the examples, teaching and values taught by her prophet.

Until people like her recognise that Islam is not defined by the good behaviour of those such as herself who abhor the values of Mohammed though they call themselves “Muslims”, but rather by the values of Mohammed, then they only add to the problem.