What would you do?

Below is a poem written by my friend Richard Knights, who gave me permission to publish it here.

Easter Reflections.

What would you do if your leader and best friend was murdered?
What would you do if His murderers came looking for you to kill you?
What would you do if three days later one or two of your friends said, “He is alive and we’ve seen Him?”
What would you do? Would you believe or doubt?
What would you do if you then saw Him yourself, and not only you, but up to five hundred others at the same time also and over the next forty days in which He ate with you again, talked with you again? He explained the reason He had to die in that way. He explained He was born into the world for that very reason! And He knew all these things were going to happen AND ACCEPTED THEM.

What would you do when it dawned on you, who your friend was?
What would you do when it really dawned on you who this man was?
His name is Jesus Christ and He is the Son of God. He was given for you. Ask yourself, “What does this mean?”
What would you do?
Would you be willing to die for a lie if you knew all of this was untrue? NO

This is how the Christian Church started.
Many people say they believe in God.
The Holy Bible says the demons believe in God and tremble [James 2:9].
If all paths lead to God, Jesus came and died for nothing. The Holy Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Grasp what all this means, its important for YOU and relevant today.

   Richard Knights.