The Construction and funding of a New World order.

Syria following US intervention.

I was just watching RT.com’s weekly Crosstalk programme which focusing on the intrigues now taking place in and around Syria inspired me to leave the comment below, which having posted received the message that it was ‘Pending Approval’ which basically means it will not see the light of day. Therefore having made the effort, thought to post it here.

In an age of deceit, this we do know...

  • The US has over 700 military bases outside of its own nation.
  • The sale of oil is linked to the US Dollar.
  • Many currencies are pegged to the Dollar.
  • The Fed is privately owned.
  • The Fed prints Dollars out of thin air.
  • The Dollar is subject to a false usury that funds the whole thing.
  • The US is attempting to be the central hub of trade. (TTIP - TPP)
  • The US has destabilised the Middle East and North Africa.
  • By which the US is destabilising Europe through mas migration.
  • Etc...

If not the US, then who is attempting to construct by military, diplomatic and financial means a New World Order? Obviously it is the USA, or better... the dark forces now seen shifting behind the facade of US Democracy. And the main players standing in the way of this were Iraq and Libya, and are today Syria, Iran, China and Russia. As the Americans say “Go Figure!”

It is pointless saying too much about this because most without so much as considering the subject will simply dismiss it because it is revealed by prophecy. Yet Scripture informs us that what shall emerge will be a ten region New World Order that towards its end shall fall apart when a confederacy led by Russia shall turn against its head, after which Russia shall make the mistake of attacking Israel [Ezekiel 38:8-12]. In those days and the events that follow [Zech 14:1-3], God will have accomplished His purposes by refining a remnant out of Israel, have taken His Church out of the World and have judged the Nations [Acts 17:31].

The Suffering for antichrist’s NWO.

If those now instigating these things understand why they are doing it or are as I suspect, are being led to do so by the spirit of Antichrist I can not be sure, but I do know this... that a New World Order shall be constructed and its throne made ready to receive its king, even Antichrist before and not after he is cast down from his current position [2 Cor 4:4 - Rev 12:9-10] of advantage.

This attempt to thwart scripture by the construction of a New World Order will not only fail, but play directly into the hands of God. For it will bring about the scriptural conditions that will cause the Jewish remnant not only to acknowledge that they killed they King when He represented Himself to them on the very day foretold, but repent and call upon His name which by so doing... will bring about His return and their salvation when He fights on their behalf casting their enemy straight into Hell. [Rev 19:20]

Hosea 5:15
I [Jesus] will go and return to my place, till they [The Jews] acknowledge their offence [Of killing their King] , and seek my face: in their affliction [Surrounded by Antichrist’s Army] they will seek me early.

We live in the very times John was told about, and wrote in the Revelation, the World will mock-on as we were told they would [2 Pet 3:4] but the wise shall consider such things in their heart.

Driven by the spirit of Antichrist [Eph 2:2] an elite forge ahead with the construct of a New World Order to offer the Antichrist its throne at his appearing.