Squaring ‘Moderate Islam’ with the life of Mohammed.

Nihad Awad of CAIR - Then how shall Mohammed stand before God Nihad?

Personally I find it rather difficult to square the words of Nihad Awad from The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) when I consider the history of Mohammed, who they consistently assert is the greatest example to humanity of a man. Especially when I am reminded that he left his followers the abhorrent examples of child marriage, beheadings, forced conversions, wife beatings and the spread an ideology by war throughout Arabia. An example history informs us his followers used to ‘convert’ much of North Africa, the Middle East and areas surrounding the Mediterranean.

And let us remind ourselves that this issue has absolutely nothing to do with Race but an ideology, for give a true follower of Mohammed a white blonde haired, blue eyed boy as a child and that child will grow-up to persecute the brown Middle Eastern Christian unless he is brought to his senses. For as yeast spreads through dough so bad doctrine through the hearts of men, especially when fuelled by hatred.

Luke 12:1
[Jesus] began to say to His disciples first of all, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy”.

But what shall be the response by our governments to this recent shootings, if not to use it as an opportunity to further take away our liberties when associating Christians with such atrocities by attributing commands given to The Jews of antiquity under the Old Testament... to Christians under the New.

Acts 15:10
Now therefore, why do you [new Jewish converts to Christianity] test God by putting an [Old Testament] yoke on the neck of the [New Testament] disciples which neither our [Jewish] fathers nor we were able to bear?

And what about the LGBT community, surely they will finally acknowledge the gulf between the ideology of Islam that brings death, and Christianity which brings life? Certainly not, rather expect them to dash to the nearest Christian bakery and demand they decorate them a cake promoting gay marriage that they can ruin them through the courts, but not so much as to raise an accusation against the local mosque that exalts the examples left them by Mohammed.

Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

The odd thing about Rubio’s interview in the video above, is that having identified the doctrinal of death within Islam, he didn’t seem to believe that allowing into the US multitudes who adhered to that doctrine an issue!
Personally I think Trump was right, for having identified that there is an issue within Islam he simply suggested that they should temporarily halt the migration of Muslims into the US until they have resolved the issue, something we Europeans would do well to consider.

With much of the established Church ready to embrace Islam, could we soon see the likes of CAIR, Anglicanism and Catholicism etc... join together to form the beginnings of what scripture tells us will be a One World Religion [Rev 17 - The Whore]?
We know it is coming, and I feel sure that plans are already under way with the likes of ‘The Tony Faith Blair Foundation’ laying the foundations. Of course all who refuse to be associated with her will be considered part of the problem, and therefore associated with militant Islam!

True Islam is not moderate.

CAIR to Stand Trial for Massive Fraud.
- Article by The Clarion Project.